Evolution GC-MS/MS

SPDE Extraction Cooler

A SPDE-option for volatile components

Since the introduction of SPDE, various users have expressed the desire to be able to extract volatile substances even better. Since the SPDE syringe needle usually works at ambient temperatures or at sample temperature during the extraction, volatile substances are poorly extracted compared to less volatile components. This is also a limitation for SPME. In contrast to this method, SPDE accomplishes these applications by means of intensive needle cooling!
With the use of the SPDE Extraction Cooler, very volatile components can easily be extracted without problem. Figure 1 shows a schematic drawing of the extraction cooler, which uses a Peltier-cooler for the SPDE needle. The cooler is installed on top of the CHROMTECH single magnet mixer (SMM) (fig. 2) and reaches temperature differences of up to 40°C. This means the needle can cool down to -15°C while working at an ambient temperature of 25°C.


  • For volatile components
  • VOCs in drinking water
  • Simultaneous sample heating and needle cooling
  • Easily mounted
  • Retrofitable for all Single Magnet Mixers (SMM)
  • Peltier-cooling
  • Working range up to 40°C below ambient temperature
Fig. 1:

Fig. 1:

Principle of the automated SPDE extraction. The analyte is enriched by controlled pumping through the specially coated syringe needle. Extraction Cooler: The analyte accumulates inside the SPDE needle at -15° C and is then thermally desorped. During enrichment, the sample is heated while the needle is being cooled.

Fig 2:

Fig 2:

The SPDE - Extraction Cooler is simply mounted on top of a Single Mixer. The SPDE needle penetrates the vial only by a few millimeters.

Fig. 3:

Fig. 3:

0,9 µg/L MTBE by SPDE Extraction Cooler (-15° C) and without cooling
(ca. 25°C). Each sample was incubated at 50°C.


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