OPTIC-4 / OPTIC-4 Pyro

The OPTIC-4 is a multifunctional PTV injector for every GC.
NEW: OPTIC-4 Pyro: 700°C Pyrolysis can also be easy!

Available Features:

  • Split/splitless Injections
  • On-Column Injections
  • LVI - Large volumn injections
  • Automated liner exchanger (LINEX)
  • Pyrolysis (700°C - OPTIC-4 Pyro)
  • Thermal Desorption
  • Oxydative Pyrolysis, Chemolyse
  • Cyrogenic Trap

It's low thermal mass enables the OPTIC-4 injector to have an extremely high heating rate of up to 60°C/s to very high temperatures (600°C, or 700°C in the Pyro version).

All system parameters visible in real time and runtime data can be saved for each injection.

Our PFC-Air option is available for faster cooling of the OPTIC-4.


Agilent 7890A with OPTIC-4 and Control Box


8890 GC with OPTIC-4 LINEX and eTrap


Agilent 7890 GC with OPTIC-4 Inlet


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