Helium Saver Option for GC and GC-MS

Helium - EcoSaver for all GC(-MS) Brands


The price of helium has doubled in the last months (2022) and continues to rise.

In order to reduce consumption, CHROMTECH has developed its Helium EcoSaver for all GC and GC-MS systems. This means helium is only consumed during the measurement. Nitrogen, for example, is used in standby mode.

The switch between helium and nitrogen occurs in two ways:

1. Manually at the push of a button. This is possible for all GC(-MS) brands!

2. Automatically by the data system. This is possible with all Agilent GC (-MS) devices, as well as with selected Thermo GC (-MS). Other brands on request.

After switching to helium, the Helium EcoSaver signals equilibration for a set period of time. If technically possible, it also prevents the GC from starting a run (on Agilent GC(-MS) and selected Thermo GC(-MS)).

More background information

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