Single Magnet Mixer

"For SPME and SPDE Applications"

What is a Single Magnet Mixer?

This unit is nothing more than an automated stirring plate, which rotates the magnet located in each vial at speeds of up to 750RPM (1500RPM option available). At the same time, it can be used to heat or cool your sample.


The most beneficial application of the Single Magnet Mixer is SPME immersed in liquid. When immersed in liquid, the SMM is gentle with the fiber and needle. The liquid is mixed by a small magnet inside the vial and creates a vortex at high speeds. Fiber lifetime is significantly increased due to the gentle mixing within the SMM.

System Features

  • Intensive mixing capability by using magnetic stir bar for quick equilibrium
  • Easy comparison/transfer between manual and automated methods
  • No temperature gradients inside the vial – even while sampling
  • Heats up to 150° C
  • Optional Peltier Cooling available
  • Fully automated sampling through closed housing
  • PAL controls all heating and mixing cycles
  • Controllable with Firmware or Cruise Control Software
  • SMMs for 2mL, 10mL or 20mL vials


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