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LINEX - Automated LINer EXchanger








LINEX Advanced Features

  • For any GC with OPTIC inlet
  • Little to no sample preparation
  • Can be automated with PAL3 and PALxt
  • For all OPTIC4 liners (3.4 mm i.d.)
  • No liner transport adapter required!
  • Sample tray for 28 or 98 samples
  • With standard 11mm septa or Merlin Microseal™
  • With full septum purge
  • Liquid injections still possible
  • Low consumable costs


LINEX-DMI (Difficult Matrix Introduction)

LINEX-DMI is a system for GC analysis of contaminated samples. It can be mounted quickly and in minutes on any standard OPTIC injector. Standard large bore DMI liners can be handled by LINEX in either manual or automated mode. In automated mode, liners are transported between the sample tray and inlet by a PAL3/PALxt equipped with a pneumatic gripper arm.

LINEX-DMI is optimized for samples with difficult, non-volatile or solid suspended matrix.

LINEX-TD (Thermal Desorption)

LINEX-TD enables direct thermal extraction of volatile and semi-volatile compounds from various matrices, including solid samples.

LINEX-TD can be mounted in minutes to any standard OPTIC inlet. In automated mode, the TD liners are transported between tray and OPTIC by the PAL3/PALxt Sampler.

With LINEX-TD, the analysis sequence for multiple samples works in a simple way: The head of the inlet is automatically opened and a liner with the sample is inserted into the inlet. The head is closed and the liner is flushed with carrier gas. The inlet is then heated and volatile and semi-volatile compounds are extracted and transferred to the column. At the end of the analysis, the liner is moved back to the tray and the cycle is repeated.



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