SPME Option for CTC PAL/ PAL-xt



  • SPME Kit No.1 - includes a fiber holder & 3 CTC fibers (P/N: CT-SPME-Kit1)
  • SPME Kit No.2 - includes 1 SMM, a fiber holder & 3 CTC fibers (P/N: CT-SPME-Kit2)
  • SPME Kit No.3 - includes 1 SMM, Purge Station, a fiber holder & 3 CTC fibers (P/N: CT-SPME-Kit3)

SPME Kit No. 3           
                     Picture shows SPME Kit No. 3                                             

2. SPME Conditioning Station

With the new SPME Fiber conditioning station from CHROMTECH, the SPME fiber is thermally conditioned for the next sample, after sample extraction and desorption, while being constantly purged by carrier gas. Via mechanical pressure switch, the gas flow is only purging when the fiber is conditioned. The amount of the gas flow, regardless of the inlet gas pressure, can be adjusted via control valve . The system was developed for the automated SPME operation with the CTC Combi PAL/ PALxt and is controlled by software (Cycle Composer , etc. ).

The SPME fiber conditioning station SP400 avoids carryover to the next sample . The conditioning station is available as part of CHROMTECH SPME Kit 3 or as a retrofit for existing SPME systems. 

     Picture shows the SP 400 Conditioning Station 

3. COMBO-Kits: Combines both SPME and SPDE

  • Combo Kit No.1 - includes SPDE Option, LHS2 upgrade, fiber holder & 3 fibers (P/N: CT-SPD/ME-Kit1)
  • Combo Kit No.2 - includes SPDE Option, SPDE-ExtractionCooler, LHS2 upgrade, a fiber holder & 3 fibers (P/N: CT-SPD/ME-Kit2)


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