Large Volume Headspace Oven

With the Baker Option for your Combi PAL, headspace is automatically determined for voluminous samples!


A container with the sample is placed on the plate elevator of the PAL Baker. As soon as the sampling mode is started, the container elevator moves upwards until the heating compartment is completely closed. After reaching a pre-set temperature followed by the incubation time, a heated gas-tight syringe withdraws a defined sample amount out of the heated container.
Finally the gas sample is injected into a GC or GC/MSsystem for detection. The sample elevator moves back to its starting position, allowing the analyzed sample to be removed from the container. The sampling compartment and syringe are now purged by an inert gas.

System type:

  • Sample compartment opens and closes automatically
  • No sample transfer lines or switching valves
  • Full automatic use with standard PAL System and GC with SSL injector.
  • Sample compartment heats up to 165°C
  • Purge gas flow after each analysis – no contamination!
  • Leak-tight sample compartment with 750ml capacity
  • Sample containers up to 135 mm hight x 75 mm diameter
  • For use with glass or metal containers
  • PC Cruise Control Software
  • Works with HP/Agilent ChemStation or ThermoQuest Xcalibur
  • Available as a complete analytical solution including Agilent 6980 GC,Combi PAL, Baker and Chromatography Data System


  • Analysis of Solvents in Paper, Tissues etc.
  • Analysis of Solvents in Plastics, Powers, Granules etc.
  • Analysis of Solvents in pharmaceutical products, e.g. tablets etc.



example installation

example installation


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