Evolution GC-MS/MS

Agilent 1220 Infinity LC System

Infinitely more affordable

The Agilent 1220 Infinity LC System is an affordable, high quality HPLC system for routine standard analyses that maximizes uptime, minimizes maintenance and provides the highest return on your investment. It was developed to address the needs of small to medium-sized labs that are mainly concerned with routine analyses using standard HPLC methods. The Agilent 1220 Infinity LC System optimizes performance, while minimizing complexity. As a member of the 1200 Infinity Series it gives you the proven quality and performance you expect from the industry leader, in your choice of three easy to own, integrated, "all-in-one" configurations. Upgrade paths – hardware and software – do offer flexibility and a future-proof system

  • Optimized for everyday productivity - exceptional accuracy, superior precision, for all routine applications, including those that must comply with regulatory requirements.
  • Industry leading quality and long-life Agilent 1200 Infinity Series reliability.
  • Competitive purchase price and low cost of ownership.
  • Every system is tested in its final configuration and startup is fast and trouble-free Hardware choices: isocratic or gradient pump, manual injector or vial autosampler, column oven and variable wavelength detector.
  • Optional: 1200 Series refractive index, fluorescence, evaporative light scattering detectors, or Agilent 6000 Series Single Quadrupole MS.
  • Optimized pump design with maximum pressure up to 600 bar to discover the power and advantage of using smaller particle size columns to optimize on resolution and faster run times.
  • Injection systems - integrated autosampler and manual injector with 600 bar capabilities.
  • Column oven for stable temperatures.
  • Up to 80 Hz variable wavelength detector for lower detection limits.
  • Three 'all-in-one' configurations and upgrade paths for even more flexibility and future-proof.
  • Software choices - either EZChrom Elite Compact (with upgrade possibilities via EZChrom Elite WS to an Enterprise system), or ChemStation with its upgrade possibilities. Both paths can be chosen for compliant environments.
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