1260 Infinity Quaternary LC System

Discover the Power!

Based on the most often sold quaternary HPLC system new levels of performance are brought to you. A pressure range of up to 600 bar with a flow rate up to 5 mL/min allows the use of almost any column – conventional, sub-2 µm-particle or superficially porous columns. A UV, fluorescence or ELSD detector provides the data rate required for high resolution separations or fast analyses to give you highest confidence in your analytical results. And most important, with full backwards compatibility for your established methods. Achieve better detection performance, higher resolutions, faster separations than ever before on a quaternary LC system – at an HPLC price.

  • A maximum pressure of 600 bar to utilize smaller particle size columns for higher resolution and faster separations.
  • Quaternary low pressure mixing pump design for binary, ternary or quaternary gradients. Allows easy solvent change for variable applications.
  • Unprecedented levels of DAD-performance for best and unambiguous analytical results.
  • Easy, fast and secure transfer of methods from HPLC to sub-2-micron columns.
  • Full backwards compatibility for existing methods.
  • HPLC price – RRLC performance.
  • A wide flow range up to 10 mL/min (at 200 bar) perfectly supports standard up to semi-preparative applications.
  • Upgradeability and expandability with the complete range of Agilent 1260 Infinity and 1290 Infinity LC modules.
  • Supported by all Agilent chromatographic data systems and by the Agilent Instrument Control Framework (ICF) or emulation mode by 3rd party software packages.
  • Agilent Lab Advisor Software helps you manage your lab for best chromatographic quality with intuitive diagnostic and monitor capabilities and alert functions to notify you of problems.
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