PAL3 Syringe Filter

   SyFi - Syringe Filter Option


Our syringe filter (SyFi = syringe filter) for the RTC PAL allows you to use exactly the filters that you already use manually!

This option for automatic sample preparation is available alongside other options for mixing, heating, purification, concentration, centrifugation, etc.

Syringe filters are often used in the lab to filter small volumes. During pressure filtration, the sample solution contained in a syringe is manually pressed through the membrane of the syringe filter. Top filtration is characterized by very low dead volumes. Syringe filters are available in many materials and pore sizes. Even SPE packings are now available in this design.

The SyFi option allows you to draw up the unfiltered solution, then pick up the syringe filter and, if necessary, the cannulas. The filtration process can either take place (1) in the open sample vial on the sample tray or (2) through our SlotCovers into the septum closed vials or (3) after automatic opening via the PAL decapper, in a (previously closed) opened sample vial.

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