Our Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) for the RTC PAL allows you to use exactly the cartridges that you already use manually!

This option for automatic sample preparation is available alongside other options for mixing, heating, purification, concentration, centrifugation, etc. for the PAL3.






Solid phase extraction is a sample preparation method with the aim of possible enrichment of analytes. Enrichment removes interfering matrix, increases chromatographic sensitivity and improves the detection limit. This physical extraction process is based on sorbent/analyte interactions, which - similar to column chromatography - take place between a solid and a liquid phase.

The CHROMTECH SPE for RTC PAL autosampler offers a fully automated process. You can use your well-known, commercially available SPE cartridges from various manufacturers. With the help of the PAL Sample Control Software / Chronos, precisely defined times and volumes can be set. This makes every step - from conditioning to elution - reproducible and easy. Manual effort is reduced and your productivity is increased.

With the SPE, every step of the process, including opening and closing the sample containers, can be adapted and tailored specifically to your needs. The individual steps of a typical SPE extraction are explained in more detail below and shown in the video:

1. Conditioning (“priming”) the SPE cartridge: moistening the solid phase with the matrix (solvation).

2. Sample loading (“Load”): Sample is pressed through the solid phase. Enrichment of the analyte molecules in the solid phase.

3. Washing: Matrix (including solvents) and interfering components are not retained by the sorbent but are washed out.

4. Elution (“Elute”): Analyte is removed from the sorbent by choosing a suitable solvent.















PAL3 with Mini DFG S19 Clean Up with Glass Tubes:

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