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Sample Preperation with RTC-Pal


The CHROMTECH PrepStar is a laboratory instrument for automated sample preparation based on the PAL RTC or PAL RSI autosampler and is used for previously mainly manually performed laboratory activities such as serial dilution, mixing of different liquids, heating, purification, concentration, concentration, filtration, etc. , individually compiled according to customer specifications.

In the following example, we present a PrepStar solution on the subject of SPE.

Solid phase extraction (SPE) is a sample preparation method with the aim of possible enrichment of analytes. Enrichment removes interfering matrix, increases chromatographic sensitivity, and improves detection limit. This physical extraction process is based on sorbent / analyte interactions, which take place between a solid and a liquid phase, similar to column chromatography.

The SPE technique also allows the enrichment of the target analyte from very dilute solutions (eg drinking water). By placing the sample solution on the sorbent bed ("SPE pack"), the isolate accumulates on it while the solvent passes through it unhindered. The choice of sorbent, solvent, concentration, drying or solvent change determine the quality of the extraction.

Since the manual SPE process is time-consuming due to the many individual work steps, Chromtech now offers a specially developed solution based on the CHROMTECH PrepStar!

The CHROMTECH PrepStar Option for performing SPE in combination with the PAL RTC Autosampler offers a fully automated process. In contrast to the already known μSPE for smaller volumes, commercially available SPE cartridges from various manufacturers can be used with the CHROMTECH PrepStar. With the help of the PAL sample control software, precisely defined times and volumes can be defined, making every step - from conditioning to elution - both reproducible and easy. The manual effort is reduced and the productive effort increased.

With the CHROMTECH PrepStar SPE Option, every step in the process, including opening and closing the sample containers, can be adapted and tailored to the specific customer application.

The individual steps of a typical SPE extraction are explained in more detail below and illustrated with the following video:

1. Conditioning ("Prime") of the SPE cartridge: moistening the solid phase with the matrix (solvation)

2. Sample Load is pushed through the solid phase

3. Washing ("wash") Accumulation of the analyte molecules on the solid phase Matrix (solvent) or interfering components are not recorded Remaining interfering components are washed by the sorbent

4. Elution ("Elute") Analyte is removed from the sorbent by selecting a suitable solvent.



The Chromtech PrepStar Option can be operated after the sample preparation with a commercial GC or LC system, or as a standalone solution.


PrepStar with Glass Tubes

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