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The successor of the legendary CombiPAL...The PAL RSI!

PAL RSI with standard x-axis for GC & GC/MS

PAL RSI with standard x-axis for GC & GC/MS



The RSI is the robust workhorse for analytical labs. It is the cost effective solution for labs in need of robustness and uncompromising performance.

The PAL RSI is a safe investment: if your requirements grow an upgrade to the full RTC functionality is possible and gives access to complete workflow automation. Download brochure at page bottom.

The RSI is a flexible tool. Its open and modular architecture makes it the most versatile system on the market. Tools can be exchanged readily within minutes. PAL customers working with GC love the possibility to use liquid, headspace or SPME sampling on the same system. LC customers use the PAL because of its huge sample capacity, the range of syringes and valves available.

Only some of the numerous options available for the PAL are listed below:

  •  42, 74 or 109cm (17, 29 or 43 inches) work space
  •  Liquid, gas, headspace, SPME sampling
  •  Syringes from 1μL-10mL
  •  Sample capacity max. 1296 2mL vials or 24 MTPs, temperature-controlled if required
  •  Up to 6 valve drives with 4 injection valves
  •  Wash and solvent stations
  •  Vortexer
  •  Agitator
  •  Dilutor
  •  LC/MS Tool

PAL Sample Control Software for Efficient Operation of PAL RTC & RSI

The latest generation of PALs can all be controlled by the user friendly PAL Sample Control software. It interfaces seamlessly with many common CDS and MS-data systems (e.g. AB Sciex Analyst, Agilent Chemstation, Masshunter oder Thermo Scientific Xcalibur). With a few clicks you can import or generate sample lists and start the data acquisition. Or you can quickly set up workflows to eliminate tedious manual operations. PAL Sample Control allows overlapping of time consuming steps. This increases sample throughput greatly and boosts productivity.

PAL RSI with extended x-axis for LC/MS

PAL RSI with extended x-axis for LC/MS



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