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Customer Support


USERCARE - Our customer program for technical service

The goal of USERCARE is to:

  • provide their full use for the user
  • minimize unpredictable downtime due to technical defects
  • improve the imputed risk of system operating costs
  • ensure proper functioning of the analytical equipment


The longstanding expertise of the CHROMTECH team with analytical measuring instruments, in particular with automatic samplers from CTC Analytics, as well as mass spectrometers, gas chromatographs and HPLC systems from Agilent Technologies, usually allows rapid fault diagnosis and troubleshooting of technical problems or defects. Experience has shown that systems that are serviced at regular intervals have a significantly lower failure rate due to "spontaneous" technical defects than systems that are experiencing only irregular or no maintenance at all.

Based on this insight, CHROMTECH offers three different USERCARE service contracts adapted to the respective customer requirements. More information in the download below.

We would be glad to provide you with a non-binding offer if you provide us with the equipment to be maintained here on the contact page.



CHROMTECH Customer Support:    

+49 6434 - 20768-0



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