Evolution GC-MS/MS

Evolution3 Upgrade for existing Agilent MSD Systems

Upgrade an existing Agilent GC / MS Systems to an Evolution3 GC / MS-MS Triple Quad
The Chromtech Evolution3 Upgrade is possible with Agilent MSD systems of series 5973, 5975 and 5977. It does not matter what type of pump with the devices are equipped. Both turbo pump and diffusion pump units can be upgraded. HPIB devices of the series 5973 require an additional "LAN upgrade".
Description of Upgrade
The upgrading of the equipment is located at the Chromtech headquarters Idstein. Original packing materials, for sending the device can be provided of. Upon receipt of the device in Idstein it is first checked in it´s original condition and any errors or defects can be corrected or repaired. Only when operating properly in original condition, we start upgrading the system. For this purpose, all for MS / MS operation necessary components, such as the (90 ° -) collision cell (= quadrupole 2) and the second mass filter (quadrupole = 3) are attached. Original Agilent MSD ion source, Agilent quadrupole,  Agilent detector will all be used in the system
After upgrading the devices, it is controlled by the Agilent MassHunter Acquisition Software. If not present, a MassHunter software upgrade (G1617FA) is required. The data analysis can be carried out either with Agilent MassHunter Qualitative and Quantitative GCMS analysis or with the MSD ChemStation Data Analysis Software.
The upgraded unit is now in a position adjacent to the previously possible scan and SIM mode, which now even runs in Daughter Scan, Scan Parent, MRM and neutral loss modes. The installation and commissioning in the customer lab usually takes 3 days and includes, in addition to the actual installation, specification testing in different modes, as well as training and creating a custom application according to the customer. During the first year your receive a free online support for questions or to update the EVO Driver software. Internet access is strongly recommended for the online support.
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