Evolution GC-MS/MS

NEW GC Option: PFC-Air Option

The PFC is a PTV Fast Cooling Option for GC-Systems


Due to the trend of rapid chromatographic separation techniques , especially in the
range of GC-MS and GC-MS/MS , fast cooling rates of PTV injectors are increasingly important.

Even the latest generation of gas chromatographs (e.g. Agilent GC 7890) allow to reduce the GC oven temperature in a relatively short time to the desired starting temperature. However often compressed air-cooled PTV injectors turn up to be the bottleneck, if one wishes to do without the use of additional cryogenic media such as LN2 or LCO2 . With compressed air-cooled PTV injectors, only initial temperatures from about 10° C above the oven start temperature can fbe reached.

Although Peltier-cooled PTV injectors reach initial temperatures of +10° C to +20° C ,
most manufacturers however, do not mention how much time is necessary to achieve these temperatures!.

CHROMTECH has now introduced the new " PFC Air Option " (PTV Fast Cooling) , which is
easy to retrofit on all commercial (compressed-air- cooled) PTV injectors from e.g. Agilent , Gerstel, JAS , ATAS or Bruker .

When starting at a GC oven temperature of 50° C (depending upon the injector type in use), temperatures can be achieved to <5° C within 3 minutes.

The advantages of the " PFC option "

  •  Can be retro-fitted to all standard PTV injector types.
  •  No cryogenic medium such as LN2 or CO2 required!
  •  Lower temperatures reached as with Peltier PTV injectors in less time.
  • Higher sample throughput by faster injector cooling .



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