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ITSP-SPE... Solid Phase Extraction

Proven Solutions for LC-MS/MS and GC-MS Autosampler-based Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) and Filtration


"Instrument Top Sample Prep"  (ITSPTM) is a SPE prep kit for handling small sample volumes in connection with a CTC PAL sampler setup as a fully automated in-line SPE system.  You are free to choose  from a new SPE-PAL system or to retrofit your exsisting PAL HTC or  HTS sampler with only a few modifications.These changes do not dedicate the PAL to just ITSP.  ITSP is a comsumable device.

ITSP is great solution for many customers using LC & LC/MS-MS  for forensics, pesticides, pain management and clinical patient samples.
The most basic hardware kit includes:
  • 96 Well Aluminum ITSP Prep Tray
  • Delrin Waste Receptacle with Hose Bib
  • Lower Needle Guide (Non Magnetic)
  •  Base Method Template & tools for automated method development are provided on the Jump Drive
  • Users Manual
Several different SPE Cartridge and Filter packs (100/pack) are available.
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