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Combi PAL-xt

Automatic Prep & Load Sampler for Headspace and Liquid Injections. CTC Analytics - CHROMTECH GmbHOptional: SPME & SPDE





Application range:

  • Environmental
  • Food/Beverages/Consumer Products
  • Forensics
  • Chemicals/Polymers
  • Pharmaceuticals

Samples may be processed in headspace, liquid or SPME mode.


  • Static Headspace
  • Liquid Injections
  • Optional SPME and SPDE
  • Liquid injection volume up to 500µl for LVI applications
  • Syringe-only concept
  • Injects into 4 different Injectors without hardware modifications
  • Top mounted, saves bench
  • Uncompromising precision and sample capacity
  • Interfaces with any major GC/GC MS system
  • No sample loops, transfer lines or valves

System type:

XYZ robot with syringe-only concept, no tubing in sample path

Hand-held interface:

  • Control panel with 4 function keys
  • Graphical LCD display
  • Unique scroll knob for teach functions

Software control:

Cycle Composer control software
Windows 2000/XP
Third party instrument drivers for
major GCs and GC-MS systems

Dimensions and weight:

  • L: 828mm D: 385mm H: 648mm
  • 10kg (without accessories)

Compatible GC models:

Almost all major GC models


Specifications in Liquid Mode

Syringe sizes:

1.2µl, 5µl ,10µl, 25µl, 100µl, 250µl, 500µl

Sample capacity:

  • up to 600 1ml micro vials
  • up to 294 2ml standard vials
  • up to 96 10ml or 20ml vials
  • up to 4 Deepwell microplates
  • up to 6 Standard microplates
  • optional Cooled Trayholders available


Specifications in Headspace Mode

Syringe sizes:

1.0ml, 2.5ml und 5.0ml

Sample capacity:

  • up to 294 2ml standard vials
  • up to 96 10ml or 20ml Headspace vials

Optional Cooled Trayholders available

Syringe cleaning:

Inert gas purging of heated syringe

Heated syringe:

+5°C above ambient to 150°C, selectable 1°C increments

Incubator oven:

6 heated vial positions for 2ml/10ml/20ml vials

Incubation temperature:

+5°C above ambient to 200°C in 1°C increments


Selectable interval shaking 250rpm – 750 rpm


Specifications in SPME Mode

SPME fiber holder for standard SPME fibers
Variable vial penetration depth for headspace or liquid extractions
Samples can be agitated and / or heated during extraction

Septumless GC-Injector recommended

Sample capacity:

  • up to 294 2ml standard vials
  • up to 96 10ml or 20ml Headspace vials

optional Cooled Trayholders available

Fiber cleaning:

Optional Fiber cleaning station

30°C – 350°C, inert gas purging

Incubator oven:

6 heated vial positions for 2ml/10ml/20ml vials
+5°C above ambient to 200°C, selectable 1°C increments


and combo-kits including both SPME und SPDE options!

  • SPME Kit No.1 - includes a fiber holder & 3 CTC fibers
  • SPME Kit No.2 - includes 1 SMM, a fiber holder & 3 CTC fibers
  • SPME Kit No.3 - includes 1 SMM, Purge Station, a fiber holder & 3 CTC fibers

COMBO-Kits: Combines both SPME and SPDE kits

  • Combo Kit No.1 - includes SPDE Option, LHS2 upgrade, fiber holder & 3 fibers
  • Combo Kit No.2 - includes SPDE Option, SPDE-ExtractionCooler, LHS2 upgrade, a fiber holder & 3 fibers


Other available options:

  • Optional Cooled Trayholders
  • Wash Station for LVI
  • Dilutor
  • ITEX-2 Purg & Trap Extraction
  • Chromtech Thermodesorber
  • Chromtech Single Magnet Mixer
  • Barcode Reader
  • FlowCell


Specifications in Liquid Mode

Specifications in Liquid Mode

Specifications in Headspace Mode

Specifications in Headspace Mode

Specifications in SPME Mode

Specifications in SPME Mode



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