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7000 Series Triple Quadrupole GC/MS System

Sensitivity, Speed and Reliability.

The Agilent 7000B Quadrupole GC/MS/MS is the latest addition to Agilent’s MS portfolio. Scientists performing “target compound analysis” in SIM mode on complex samples will find many ways to use its increased selectivity and sensitivity. MS/MS reduces sample prep, shortens analysis cycles, eliminates false results, and simplifies data review for improved productivity. Based upon time-tested MSD components, the 7000B sets a higher standard for robust GC/MS/MS operation. The entire system and analysis process are supported by MassHunter software, which is designed to make MS analyses easier—from tuning to final report.


  • High sensitivity EI source and ramped-iris for the detector improve sensitivity across the entire mass range (installation specification: S/N > 500:1 for 100 fg OFN)
  • Industry leading MRM speed at 500 transitions per second with a minimum dwell time of 1 msec and zero cross-talk
  • A high pressure, linear collision cell with “Helium Quench Gas” to reduce neutral noise from metastable helium atoms
  • Proprietary hyperbolic quadrupole enhances performance up to 1050 u; the unique stability of the quartz monolith allows the analyzer to be heated to 200?C to eliminate contamination commonly seen with metal quadrupoles operated at lower temperatures
  • High-performance chromatography provided by the Agilent 7890A GC
  • Integrated Capillary Flow Technology provides reduced source maintenance, shorter analysis cycle times, and increased column lifetime
  • Small laboratory bench footprint: the mass spectrometer is only 14 inches (35 cm) wide
  • Inert ion source—programmable up to 350?C—delivers enhanced response for active compounds and late eluters
  • Electron Impact (EI) and Chemical Ionization (PCI and NCI) sources available
  • Triple-Axis HED-EM Detector provides lower neutral noise Differentially pumped vacuum system with a single mechanical roughing pump
  • Productivity features such as Agilent Autotune, Batch-at-a-Glance data review, and parameter-less integrator
  • Safe operation with hydrogen carrier gas
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