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Clarity Software

New version of Clarity Chromatography Software (June 2011)

New upgrade to Clarity version 3.0.6 is available for download.

  • Existing users can update to the latest version for free. Users with old Clarity versions < 2.4 need to order a HW key only (p/n C600), SW update is free of charge. 

    •  Updated drivers version for Knauer instruments.
    •  Updated driver version for Young Lin  YL 913x.
    •  GC Control: Shimadzu GC 201x with APC/AFC control is now released.
    •  LC Control: Control module thermostat Spark Mistral released.
    •  New control module Agilent 1200 ELSD (G4218A).
    •  DET Control: Updated drivers for Ecom Sapphire, new drivers for Apatit, Opal and Malachite fixed wavelength detectors.
    •  DDE - better distinguishing of Clarity states.
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