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PAL Fraction Collector/ Dual Head Configuration

The autopurification platform

The autopurification platform


Application range:

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • CombiChem
  • Compound Isolation
  • Autopurification
  • Drug Discovery

Analytischer IFC       

Präparativer IFC


The IFC auto purification platform was developed based on the proven reliability and productivity of CTC's PAL series of LC/LC-MS sample loaders. The IFC PAL combines sample injection and fraction collection with unmatched capacity and versatility. The dual-probe design allows the complete separation of injection and collection flow paths. High-concentration samples can never cross-contaminate low-concentration fractions.


  • Sample Injection and Fraction Collection on one single instrument. Dual arm concept prevents cross-contamination
  • 50% more fraction capacity than any other Auto purification System on the market. Collects in up to 1000 test tubes in semi prep mode or 24 microplates in analytical mode
  • Unique SidePort syringe acts as diverter valve. Variable tray layouts allow quick process adaption
  • Optimized time management; next injection prepared during sample collection
  • Single software solution for injection and collection.
The analytical version

The analytical version

The preparative version

The preparative version

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